Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Time to go on diet.....

I really made my own vegestables soup diet today..No more eating beko at this time hahahahha.My soup diet,it's just a simple to prepare, boiled a plain water, then mixed up with carrots, cabbage,celery,spinach and add a little bit of soup mixed flavor to taste.It's very easy you can keep it on the fridge and then if you need it just reheat on the microwave.It's really very healthy and safe kind of diet that you don't really need to starve yourself.You can still keep on eating as well as can lose weigth and make it you so healthy.

I tried this before and it's really works for me.That's why I have decided to do this again bacause at this time i gained a lots weigth. It's not really so good for my health specially diabetic and heart disease are very common in my family.Anyway, i love this soup diet than to use any pills although it's a kind of boring but this is for my own good health. Anyway , i can still cheat my diet a little bit hahahaha.I have this for 5 days in a week coz weekends it's time for pampering myself by treating my favorites hahahaha...It's funny coz i have to dealt with my ownself as a prize for being sacrificing hehehe. It really better to put it on this way than not to eat at all.
I remember when i was in mids 20's,im very insecured and conscious about my overweigth figured.I feel like a giant walking on the street hahaha coz i was so fat and tall and some of my friends that's what really called me all the time.I was so deppressed and tried not to take any food just a water and small piece of crackers or sometimes hold my hunger so that no food to take on my mouth.I was an anorexic person at that time,it's a kind of sickness that you lose all your appetites or food taste. I got troubled to eat food even how so delicious it is .It's nothing and tasteless for me. I tried to force myself to eat a little bit amount of food but just a minutes my digestive system can't hold it .I had to go to the bathroom all the time if i got something to eat. It was so scary situation and it mades so thin but very unhealthy looking.Oh! thank God im still survived based on that bad experienced.
I read in the magazine that the skinny people in modelling/showbiz industry are not really satisfied of their happiness even they got everything in life than an ordinary person.I guess so...have you notice on their plate that serve a very little of food.Oh!when i seen it,seems not really mades me happy when i eat it that kind of serving hahahaha.We'll im sure they have a lots of pressured about their looks of maintaining a sexy and good looking person infron of the people.Unlikely, the ordinary people that can eat anything what they wants,no limits. I'ts nice without any pressured when it really comes to food rigth??
By the way, it doesn't matter what really looks that we got.The important that you're a healthy and happy person.