Friday, March 28, 2008


Do you laugh everyday?? but make it sure that you're laughing for a reason.If is not..Oh!Ohoh! something wrong with you hahahaha.Anyway, Laughter is a great medicine for eveything.Just a simple laugh things can make you feel better.It's good for stress reliever for everyone and it's free!!! no need to go the store to buy for it.Just wear ur good mood and have some mouthwashed hahahaa( just kidding!).
I seen in the show that there's a "Yoga Laughter.How cool it is!It's a stimulated laughter exercise that have great benefits for the heart and helps to stimulate for the immune system . Wow! what a a great idea! for the people who created the Laughter Yoga. .Im sure it's very helpful for those who are very stressed person.
I remember that i had an uncle that his secret every nigth time is to keep smiled infront of the mirror hahaha.He just did it for relaxation and an exercising for the muscles to keep away from wrinkle problem hahahaha. Well, i think it really works coz he looks 10 years younger of his age .
I got a video from the YouTube about those people performed a laughter yoga.They're looks like crazy people but that the way it is to stimulate laugther.It's seem they're having fun each other. Imagine, it mades me laugh too while i watched the video. Try to check it out!!!!