Saturday, March 22, 2008

Holy friday!

I was attend the "Way of the Cross" this afternoon with my hubby at the St. Joseph church. I can't believe that they did it outside within the church's vicinity even how so windy & cold it is. I thougth still inside the church, that's what we had before. I had really confident worn a blazer hahaha.When the ceremony started at the first station,i was not really so comfortable coz sooo cold.Anyway, it's a little bit of sacrifice though but i can't hold the coldness.Lucky that i have one jacket that i left on car yesterday. Imagine, we're still have 13 more stations to go but im so glad that i made it with the help of my jacket.
Oh! I missed the traditional way of celebrating the Holy week in the Philippines specially when i was live in the province a couple years ago. We already so busy of participating church activities from the first day of holy week. We have an early morning parade in the easter Sunday that which the group of men carry the statue of Jesus and as well as the women group will be hold the statue of Mama Mary while walking and singing.When the time of meeting ,there's a child play as role of an angel that will take off the veil of mama Mary. Some kids are singing with their cute angel attired . Oh! that's really my favorite part event on Easter Sunday, so touchy and it really made you cry. How i wish to celebrate my holyweek there soon.