Thursday, April 17, 2008

Just like a roller coaster moment..

I remember when after i done studying my Midwifery coursed .I decided rigth immediately to take the board examination that was held in Manila .Im excited to pass the examination coz i know it was my great opportunity to applied in the government hospital specially if u are a licensed Midwife.
As the result came out in 6 months .Unfortunately, my name was not included on the list that who had passed the exam.I was totally depressed and sicked at that time. I can't imagine that my parent worked so hard the money for my board exam and then i did'nt make it.
After a days ago, i found out that there's a continuation about the exam result.Im trying to read newspapers again that hoping that my name is there.What a suprised! finally my name was on line up who passed the exam but on the defferred list .I had no idea why i was on deffered but the important i passed the exam.I can't believe that my name was on the papers feel like i won a lottery while reading my name on it. Being so excited,i almost forgot to pay the newspaper hahahahaha.